Marwan Khoury

General Manager- Power Division

Marwan Khoury is the General Manager of the Power Division and has spent over 18 years at IPT PowerTech, managing the Group’s presales, sales, research and development, design, technical and business development activities in Lebanon and across all our operations.
Ever since he joined the company at an entry-level position, Marwan, a 21-year veteran, has gone on to play a significant role in IPT PowerTech’s expansion and is now a key contributor in the transformation of business models into full-service turnkey solutions.
Khoury played a role in the initiation and implementation of several hybrid concepts as well as all the power solutions, all the way to displaying the largest portfolio of telecom hybrid solutions – the group’s main strength and distinction factor.
Marwan Khoury holds a Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Balamand.