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Power solutions

At IPT PowerTech, we know that selecting top of the line power solutions is the key to excellent performance.
No matter what site considerations you may have, whether voltage fluctuation, high temperature and weather conditions, mains quality, workplace conditions, or safety restrictions, our designed products and solutions- from batteries, UPS, rectifiers, inverters, and generating sets, to energy-efficient cabinets and enclosures, hybrid solutions, renewable energy solutions, MDBs, ATS controls…- are ample to operate your most critical applications.

Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) control and Integrated HVAC control

IPT PowerTech has been manufacturing quality ATS and control systems since a decade.The switching technology IPT PowerTech uses can be based on standard Contactors, Motorized Breakers (MCCB or ACB) or “True double-throw operation - pulse switched single solenoid” based switches. In all cases, IPT PowerTech uses proprietary controllers for the ATS control algorithms or standard logic relays and PLC’s.

ATS units can have many topologies such as:

  • Commercial Mains + G
  • Commercial Mains + G1 + G2
  • Commercial Mains + G1 + G2 + G3
  • G1 + G2
  • G1 + G2 + G3

and many more depending on the customer’s requirements.

As part of our control circuit manufacturing know-how, IPT PowerTech offers environmental control units such HVAC control panels &Free Cooling control panels using our proprietary digital controller, PLC or logic relay based, with proper alarm reporting & SNMP integration.