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At IPT PowerTech, we know that selecting top of the line power solutions is the key to excellent performance.
No matter what site considerations you may have, whether voltage fluctuation, high temperature and weather conditions, mains quality, workplace conditions, or safety restrictions, our designed products and solutions- from batteries, UPS, rectifiers, inverters, and generating sets, to energy-efficient cabinets and enclosures, hybrid solutions, renewable energy solutions, MDBs, ATS controls…- are ample to operate your most critical applications.

As part of IPT PowerTech expansion plans, our products and services offering was broadened to cater for the most versatile requirements of our clients, especially when it comes to RF networks special solutions. Some of these products coming from the most recognized international manufacturers are:

  • Pico Repeaters
  • Micro Repeaters
  • Repeaters
  • Macro Repeaters
  • Fiber DAS Systems
  • Broadband Equipment
  • Transmission Equipment
  • IBS Systems