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Power solutions

At IPT PowerTech, we know that selecting top of the line power solutions is the key to excellent performance.
No matter what site considerations you may have, whether voltage fluctuation, high temperature and weather conditions, mains quality, workplace conditions, or safety restrictions, our designed products and solutions- from batteries, UPS, rectifiers, inverters, and generating sets, to energy-efficient cabinets and enclosures, hybrid solutions, renewable energy solutions, MDBs, ATS controls…- are ample to operate your most critical applications.

We totally understand that continuous power supply is critical to Telecom providers. By delivering turnkey power solutions, we ensure uninterruptible, continuous and conditioned power supply, thus offering the ideal power protection products to the most critical and severe exposure locations.

With hundreds of prestigious projects throughout the Middle East, Africa and CIS countries, IPT PowerTech ranks the leader in power conversion technology. We offer no less than the highest level of product quality and reliability with 24/7 full service support.Our certified products comply with the word's highest international standards.

Our products are designed and built as truly rugged AC Power Sources, which can be used in toughenvironments: Commercial, Industrial, Military…Robust construction and extremely high reliability are features inherent to our products, which all feature a modular design, with field replaceable sub-assemblies for very low MTTR and MTBF figures.

IPT PowerTech supplies extremely advanced and customized AC and DC solutions including:

  • DC Power Systems
  • UPS & Inverters
  • Rectifiers & Converters
  • Power Conditioners
  • Power Protection & Distribution
  • Generators

catering for wireless switch or central office applications in telecom, in addition to industrial, oil, gas and renewable energy applications.