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Power solutions

At IPT PowerTech, we know that selecting top of the line power solutions is the key to excellent performance.
No matter what site considerations you may have, whether voltage fluctuation, high temperature and weather conditions, mains quality, workplace conditions, or safety restrictions, our designed products and solutions- from batteries, UPS, rectifiers, inverters, and generating sets, to energy-efficient cabinets and enclosures, hybrid solutions, renewable energy solutions, MDBs, ATS controls…- are ample to operate your most critical applications.

Renewable Energy and Hybrid Solutions

Energy efficient solutions, in addition to sustainable and economic sources of power in off-grid applications are key assets for mobile operators today. Designed using a multitude of power sources integrated into one system, hybrid power solutions are the ideal solutions to optimize a system'soverall TCO.As an initiative to optimize CAPEX and OPEX, we offercustomized hybrid solutions that maintain an excellent balance between system design and cost.

Renewable energy systems, either Solar based or Wind based,are used in sites where commercial mains are not available in applications, such as signaling, cathodic protection, lighting, switched telephone network, cellular telephony, wireless local loop, VSAT terminals, Trunked Radio, water pumping, military, or simply for medium scale electricity production.

We offer a wide range of both Solar and Wind generator sizes and technologies, designed to power various loads with various geographic requirements. Such systems usually have a high initial investment that requires low consumption ancillary equipment to be used in the overall design.

Through partnering with industry leaders, IPT PowerTech also specializes in Photovoltaic (PV) and Solar systems.Solar systems are mainly used in remote and unattended areas, where periodic maintenance cannot be easily achieved should any downturns occur. OurPV Systems as well meet highest standards of reliability and economic efficiency,by the use of field-proven quality components to achieve continuous electrical source. With ourwell-designed PV Systems, telecom and other critical equipment are guaranteed to operate even in the most severe environments.

Our solar energy division provides complete solar systems (PV):

  • Solar arrays
  • Power supply systems
  • Batteries
  • Obstruction lights
  • Civil works
  • Steel structures
  • Passive cooling shelters and enclosures
  • Engineering Services