Redefining power solutions...

Reinventing telecom infrastructure...

Company Profile

IPT PowerTech Group delivers specialized solutions to the power, industrial and telecom sectors in the Middle East, Africa and neighboring countries. Since our inception in Lebanon in 1993, we have grown into a leading group, combining power expertise with telecom infrastructure specialization. Today, we are market leaders in providing power solutions and specialty batteries, telecom infrastructure and managed services.

Our self-manufactured enclosures have allowed us to successfully implement and create new concepts in space and energy efficiency and site renovation, and have further allowed us to create customized energy efficient/hybrid and renewable energy solutions.

Our ability to combine Innovation in Energy Savings Solutions with Telecom Infrastructure and field Managed Services, led to the conception of our UNIQUE Value proposition: Guaranteed Savings Model and T-ESCO Model.

Headquartered in Beirut, Lebanon, IPT PowerTech has expanded its presence to the entire region and is now present in 11 countries. Since 1993, we have climbed up the steps of success with an unfailing respect for the company’s values: the uncompromised excellence of our services, the agility of our mind in adapting to change, the efficiency of our work, and the integrity with which we do it all.  We have invested and acquired new companies, reached new markets, expanded our area of expertise and considerably grew our customer base. Today, we are proud to be the unique solution provider in our sector that offers complete in-house products and services all the way to leading the T-ESCO model globally.

We take pride in our professional team exceeding 4,500 experts. And it is with their dedication that our portfolio, to date, encompasses thousands of implemented projects, delivered to more than 60 operators and vendors in more than 50 countries.

Our regional coverage coupled with our extensive expertise in supply chain management, field implementation and power systems, have made us one of the most capable companies in handling the most complicated and versatile projects in the MEA, Africa and South East Asia. 

Mission Statement

To deliver Excellence in Execution by continuously nurturing our potential and providing state of the art internationally recognized quality products, services, and solutions to ensure Total Customer Satisfaction.


Quality Policy

IPT PowerTech Group is committed to world-class quality. We optimize resources, develop our facilities,  invest in the latest technologies, comply to international standards, and continuously train our personnel in order to deliver state-of-the-art products and services. We monitor our activities and constantly improve our processes to carry out our business in the most professional manner. We stand by our mission to ensure excellence in execution and to meet aspirations of our customers.

Core Values


We didn’t reach the top by aiming for anything less than excellence in everything we do. It is by never compromising on the quality of our actions and deliverables that we can guarantee the excellence of our services and products.


We realize that we live in an era of permanent change. As professionals, we know how to anticipate and respond rapidly to our customers’ needs, and have the agility and flexibility to adapt to amended or changing conditions.


We know how to get things done: use resources to the full, waste nothing, and do only what we do best. Efficiency is key.


Everything we do, we do with respect. Respect of our values and beliefs. Respect of the different cultures of our partners and clients. Respect of our employees under all circumstances. Integrity is the foundation on which our company was built, and the spirit with which it will keep growing.

Our Presence

With its headquarters located in Beirut Lebanon, and offices in 11 countries– including subsidiaries in Iraq, KSA, Algeria, Morocco, Ghana, Nigeria, Afghanistan, Myanmar, and Romania IPT PowerTech has expanded its expertise to the entire region.  

Each of these locations benefits from our expertise in executing Full Turn-key telecom infrastructure and telecom managed services projects, in addition to supporting and developing the power business.



Establishment of Power Tech SARL in Beirut LEBANON.


Launch of SVRLA and traction battery distribution.


Launch of Industrial Projects and Systems Integration Division.

Introduction of stationary batteries.


Introduction of DC Power Systems and Industrial Power Systems & Power Conditioning into the systems integration division.


Major overseas expansion.


Doubled our customer base.

Awarded the first OEM contract.


Introduction of Telecom antennas and cables.

Start of the Telecom infrastructure division in Lebanon.


Major regional expansion with the telecom infrastructure division.

Opening of Iraq operation.

Launch of the panel boards and shelters assembly units.


Launch of the hybrid power concept for Telecom sites.


Establishing Egypt and KSA operations.


Establishing the Nigeria operation.



Acquisition of the stake in a Spanish industrial group.



Acquisition of Linfra Holding, thus expanding our presence in 3 additional countries: Ghana, Morocco and Algeria.

Acquisition of the Romanian industrial facility: Stratum Enclosures


Establishing Afghanistan operation.


Establishing Myanmar operation.